LaLuna Couture is for women who value experiences over their wardrobes and delight in the opportunity to wear an elegant new dress at every event, without having to forego their financial security.
Imagine an eveningwear closet that is filled with gorgeous dresses and gowns, takes up no space and does all your dry cleaning. LaLuna Couture is your go-to eveningwear hiring company, stocking elegant, exclusive evening dresses and gowns for your special occasion.
Your decision to borrow like celebrities do, or purchase the latest trend-setting formal wear should not be undervalued. Visit our showroom and we’ll help you determine which is the best option for you.
Some call it Fashion Freedom
We call it a Fashion Revolution
Laluna couture
Founded on the idea that every woman deserves a Cinderella experience, LLC is a leading destination for women in KwaZulu Natal to rent or purchase beautiful evening dresses and gowns. Based in Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu Natal, LLC provides women with a unique fashion experience, whether it be something chic for a night out, an elegant gown for a formal event, or a beautiful dress for a friend’s wedding.
Access is the new ownership
That is LaLuna’s philosophy!
That we want experiences rather than possessions may be a millennial cliche, but only because it’s true. In a sharing economy, possession is becoming more irrelevant than ever before and it is the young that are leading the way. A teenager can hire a designer ball gown for prom night with a retail value of R5000 for just R1000 inclusive of alterations.
We still lust after fashion, but what we want now is the experience of wearing that expensive ballgown more than the knowledge that it is languishing on a hanger somewhere in our closet – After all, so long as you make sure you star on all your friends’ social media channels on the night, you only need to wear the dress once for everyone to know that you did. And after all – these days when you say you OWNED a look, that means you slayed it on Instagram, right? So – Save Time. Save Money. Save the Planet – And come access your endless evening closet with us.
Hear what women have to say about LaLuna:
what it’s done for their closets – and their lives.
This has changed my life! I have stopped spending crazy money on things I wear once. Less hit to my purse and the planet and no sacrifice on style. Proud #Lalunababe since forever proud!

With a wedding and 2 friend’s birthdays to attend in one month, hiring was the most practical option and made my life easier and cheaper. I’ve done my social media selfies – I’m never going to wear the same dress again. Thanks guys. You're the best!

Thank you LaLuna for allowing a woman to be on trend and wear an exclusive designer she adores and perhaps cannot afford, without cluttering her wardrobe with items lacking longevity. Thank you LaLuna

Seriously best idea ever. Now I never have to spend a small fortune on evening wear. I just hire them. Everyone has now found out my secret, and my friends love you guys now too. The hiring revolution is just GENIUS! Lets be real, not everyone can afford to wear a designer gown that isn’t in their budget. Besides, who wants to be seen at an event with the same dress twice? C’mon! Love hiring from you!

Laluna couture

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